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Augusta Family Drug Rehab

Substance abuse is a serious problem — not only for the addict but for their friends and family members as well. In fact, the impact on families is so strong that Augusta family drug rehab is included in our services.

When one member of the family is addicted to alcohol or drugs, every member of the family suffers right along with them. Family addiction therapy is designed to address this issue head on by allowing every member of the family to play a role in the drug rehab process.

Family addiction treatment also serves another valuable purpose in the drug treatment process. Addicts who have a strong support system at home often have better outcomes and are able to maintain their sobriety. Family addiction treatment helps spouses, parents and siblings develop that strong support structure so that they can welcome their relative home and help them cope with life outside the treatment center.

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How Does the Addicted Family Member Affect His or Her Loved Ones?

When one member of the family suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, every other member of the family suffers. The impact the addiction has on the rest of the family depends in large part on the nature of the relationship.

If the drug addict has always been the breadwinner for the family, their spouse may suffer financially and have to go back to work. Their children may not get the things they need to be successful at school, and they may fall behind. If the addicted family member is a child, the parents suffer greatly – and they may be unable to keep up with their other commitments or hold down a job.

How Can Family Therapy Help?

Family therapy in our Augusta recovery programs can help in many different ways. For the addict, the inclusion of their family members can help them see how their actions have affected the people they love. By seeing the impact their behavior has had, they may be more inclined to work hard and change their ways.

Family therapy can also help the family members themselves. During counseling they will learn to understand the struggles their family member is going through, and they will be able to develop a support structure in the home. No matter what the nature of the addiction, family counseling can make a world of difference. Families can also attend an Alcoholics ( or Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting. Call alcohol addiction treatment centers in Augusta for help today!

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