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Augusta Opiate Detox Treatment

There are a wide range of symptoms that accompany opiate withdrawal. The longer the drug has been used and the heavier the use was, the more problematic and severe the opiate withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. Drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine, OxyContin, methadone, and others all have similar effects and fall into the opiate family. Similarly, their withdrawal symptoms can also be very much alike.

Symptoms of opiate withdrawal begin when levels of the drug within the person’s body begin to drop, either because the person has quit the drug or because the drug is not available to them. As the detoxification continues, symptoms will worsen. This detox happens as the body rids itself of the drug and begins to heal itself, looking for a balance. Because of the way opiates work on a person physically and mentally, the withdrawal can take a long time as chemical dependency reverses and the body begins to rebuild.

If you find that you are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, don’t wait. Augusta opiate detox treatment centers for help. Dial (706) 664-2763 to speak to a specialist.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Early symptoms of opiate withdrawal begins with agitation, anxiety, some muscle aches, sweating, yawning with insomnia, and increased tear flow at the eyes. As the symptoms progress, they can change to more severe things such as diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting. Pupils will dilate, which can cause eye strain and pain, and the skin can develop severe goose bumps that may lead to a feeling of cold.

Most opiate withdrawal is not life-threatening, but in some extreme cases, especially if the body itself has suffered prolonged and heavy use of the drugs, becoming malnourished and depleted, withdrawal symptoms can become a threat to life.


Because the withdrawal symptoms can be so uncomfortable and can require a lot of time to pass, many who attempt to quit opiates on their own will fail. Under Augusta medical detox, though, most can recover and rehabilitate. Often through the use of controlled opiate derivatives designed and dosed to cause the withdrawal to be less severe.

For most addicts who undergo a medical detox followed by proper psychological treatment and care, recovery and life-long sobriety are attainable. Attendance at Narcotics Anonymous ( meetings is crucial to the recovery process. We can help you have a fresh start to a drug-free life. Call addiction recovery centers in Augusta today!

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