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Alcohol Treatment Centers Augusta (706) 664-2763

Alcohol Treatment Centers Augusta offers a variety of programs specifically designed for individuals struggling with addiction or any other mental disorders. These programs respond to a wide range of issues including trauma recovery, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, codependency, mood and personality disorders, and recovery from grief or loss.

Patients who join these programs receive comprehensive social and psychiatric assessments along with personalized treatment planning. The team of addiction specialists at Alcohol Treatment Centers Augusta offers experiential, expressive techniques, as well as a variety of medical and holistic therapies for substance abuse. Psychiatric and medication-assisted therapy is also available.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Augusta can also provide information about a number of residences or treatment facilities that provide the care, support and social interaction needed throughout recovery. This strong community atmosphere is monitored by staff round-the-clock. Services such as twelve-step-meetings form part of these programs.

Twelve-step-meetings help individuals in recovery examine all aspects of their lives, taking into account not only the chemical dependency but also the subtle effects of underlying disorders. Many of the therapies offered at Alcohol Treatment Centers Augusta encourage intensive self-reflection, and first-hand individual, group, and family therapy. These therapies help patients access unsettled feelings and firsthand standpoints on old ways of coping with addiction.

Comprehensive life-planning is one of the main aspects of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Individuals in recovery explore individual goals and also receive a variety of recommendations for lifestyle choices. Research and referrals are also provided and patients are assisted in making practical arrangements. After discharge, patients can be part of a variety of aftercare programs which provide access to weekend workshops, twelve-step meetings, and an alumni support groups.

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About Augusta, GA

Augusta is a county in the state of Georgia located at the fall of the Savannah River, known as Augusta-Richmond County. The county includes a variety of historic districts including Summerville Historic District, Broad Street Historic District, Sands Hill Historic District, and Bethlehem Historic District. Top employers in the area include Covidien, Kellogg’s, International Paper, Thermal Ceramics, and International Paper. Augusta enjoys a number of parks and recreational areas such as Riverwalk Augusta, Diamond Lakes Regional Park, Brookfield Park, and Augusta Common.

Georgia has become an important destination point for the trafficking of illicit drugs. Among the most widely available drugs throughout the state are cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, and club drugs such as GHB, MDMA, and Ketamine (Special K). Some diverted pharmaceuticals such as Xanax, Dilaudid (hydromorphone), Percodan, Valium (diazepam), and Demerol (meperidine) are also most sought after.

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